As a Lexus Customer, you have become accustomed to the Lexus standard of service referred to as Experience Amazing. Now, with help from Lexus Financial Services (LFS), we can extend this to the way in which you finance your new Lexus. With FutureDrive, you are guaranteed of the future value of your Lexus, removing any risk or uncertainty that comes from model or market changes.

Future Drive is an innovative finance model where the future value of your Lexus is guaranteed in the form of a fixed balloon payment at the end of your finance term
This amount, the guaranteed value of your Lexus at a future date, is backed by Lexus Financial Services and will not change, leaving the risk with the Financial Institution, provided that your Lexus remains in a good condition and you adhere to the pre-set conditions of finance.

START Future

Choose what you do with your Lexus at the end of the term, with options ranging from:

Handing your Lexus back
Trading in your Lexus for a brand new model
Refinancing the outstanding balloon amount with Lexus Financial Services and keeping your Lexus.

Paying the outstanding amount outright.

Contact or visit Lexus Fourways and speak to a Qualified Lexus Financial Services representative about the benefits of FutureDrive to find out how you can effortlessly get behind the wheel of a brand new Lexus.


Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid for a limited time only. Pictures used for illustration purposes only.

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